Good Deeds Inspire More Good Deeds

That's why we invite you to get participate in a good deed between

October 13th - 19th

and share about it online to help spread more kindness, more giving, and more joy around the world.

Step 2

Do a Good Deed for your chosen recipient(s)! No deed is too small to recognize. From the simple note to a gesture, to a donation. The important part to remember is that you are participating in a selfless act to positively impact another person, community or even our planet as a whole.

Celebrating 4 Years Of Kindness

Four years ago on October 15 three working moms came together to discuss how we could create something to fill a gap in our children's experience for hands-on volunteer opportunities that included the entire family.  
In the age of technology our children are growing up in, there is less and less opportunity for hands-on, in-person opportunities for kids to be exposed to the diverse world we live in. We believe it is important at an early age of development to provide for families resources and opportunities to volunteer together in their neighborhoods, local community, state, country, and the world.  
We are committed through the volunteering platform of A VERY GOOD DEED to support families by providing tools to participate in hands-on activities and events together with a focus on giving back. The positive effects of exposing children to these simple acts of kindness will contribute to raising kind-hearted and aware children, who will grow into adults that will inspire kindness, no matter where life may lead them.